Evaluation Process

The marks secured by the student in the internal assessment, Assignments, Seminars, Practicals, Project and semester end examinations are converted into GPA, SGPA and CGPA. A 10 points grading system with the following

Letter Grade Achievement Scale Grade Point % of Marks for Grade
O Outstanding 10 80.00-100.00
A+ Excellent 9 70.00-79.99
A+ Very Good  8 60.00-69.99
B+ Good 7 55.00-59.99
B+ Above Average 6 50.00-54.99
C Average 5 45.00-49.99
P Pass 4 40.00-44.99
F Fail 0 Less than 40
AB Absent 0 --


A student obtaining Grade F shall be considered failed and will be required to reappear in the examinations

A student must get SGPA>=5, and CGPA>=5. if he/she does not get SGPA=>=5, the student can drop one or two subjects and re-register to improve the credits.


The final grade point (FGP) to be awarded to the student is based on CGPA secured by the candidate and given as follows

CGPA Qualitative Index
4.0<=CGPA<5.0 PASS Division
5.0<=CGPA<6.0 SECOND Class
6.0<=CGPA<8.5 FIRST Class


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