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Guest-House     Guest-House

Guest-House     Guest-House


The Guest House has fully furnished rooms and a very well furnished waiting hall make the Guest House a pleasant place to stay. Research Scholars/Teachers from other educational/academic institutions who come to come for academic work and are sponsored by their respective institutions may also be accommodated provided they write for reservation of rooms to the Guest House In charge, Such provisional bookings are liable to be cancelled without assigning any reason in case the Institution needs the rooms for its own use.

The Guest Houses provide beddings (bed sheet, pillow, sheet, pillow-cover, blanket, mattress etc.). An inventory of articles for use in the rooms is available in each room. The guests are requested to check these items at the time of occupying the room. The responsibility for any missing item will, thereafter, rest with the guests. The guests are responsible for proper use and upkeep of the materials/fixtures provided in the rooms as also in the guest house. They shall be liable to pay charges for any loss or damage caused during their stay.

The maximum stay permissible is ten days. Guests are required to make entries in the Register with the Guest-House-Keeper before occupying the room.

1. No rent would be charged from the invited official guests of the University in guest house for attending meeting of Statuary committee like Academic council, Finance committee, Executive council, Court meeting, Examination, Selection committee, Viva-voice etc.

A Priority list has been approved for allotment of rooms in the University Guest houses which is as follows:-

First Priority: - Guests who are coming to attend Selection Committee/ Board of studies Meeting etc

Second Priority:- Visiting team from UGC-HRD Ministry in relation to University academic programs and NDA officers,

Third Priority- Visiting Faculty/Visiting Scholars/Student & Faculty members under college / Newly appointment faculty members.

Fourth Priority- Seminar (Conference/Workshop/Symposia organized by institution.


Contact Guest House Incharge

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