Procedures and Policies


The physical infrastructure is one of the vital components that made teaching learning an  enriching experience. Maintenance of all Physical, Academic and Sports facilities of the  college is very important for ensuring effective teaching learning system. The following  procedures established for maintaining and utilizing these services. 

1. Laboratories and Computers: 

There are in-charges, responsible for maintaining and utilizing the laboratories. There are  situations where the syllabi are revised which results in adding some new experiments in  various lab subjects and the Lab in-charges shall prepare the list of equipment or software  to be procured at least one semester ahead. Some of the laboratories have excess number  of lab setups when compared to the requirement and if there is any set up failure the  students will not suffer. 

Each Laboratory has one Lab Assistant and the No. of sessions that they have to handle per  week are limited to 8 – 9 sessions out of 12 sessions available per week. This is helping the  Lab Assistants to keep all the lab facilities to be in proper condition. The equipment  suppliers give warranty for 1 – 3 years and after expiry of warranty period if any trouble  arises either the suppliers or other service providers are requested to attend to the same. It  is a practice in the college to thoroughly check with regard to the performance of each of  the experimental setups twice in a year during the semester breaks. The college is providing  the facility of purchase of enough spares so that the Lab in-charges can change any  component which fails by drawing from the stock. Stock registers are maintained for each of  the Laboratories so that enough spares are available and stock is verified in regular  intervals. 

2. Library: 

It is fully automated (computerized) for issue/circulation and access of library resources. The  library has an archives section. The Library has a committee headed by a Dean and one  representative from each department. They meet whenever required and discuss about the  new books required for the Library and also to purchase new editions of important books.  They also suggest subscription to new journals whenever required. The college has  introduced a Book Lending Scheme which is helping the students who have all the text  books required in a semester at a very reasonable Book lending fee. Enough provision is  made by the college for purchase of new books and also for subscribing to new journals. SC  / ST students are given the facility to borrow more No. of books when compared to others.

college has large number of general books which are helpful to students for appearing  GATE, GRE, TOEFL exams. The required books and journals are provided for a section of  Library established for Civil Services Aspirants Club, the first of its kind in the State of  Telangana. 

3. Class Rooms: 

As stated already every class room is an e-class room and maintenance of equipment such  as a desk top, LCD, Audio System etc. in a good condition for which a Computer  maintenance section is established in the college. A Security System is also arranged in each  class room which is kept in the memory for the next 30 days, so that a review of class room  discipline, effectiveness in teaching, etc. are recorded in a couple of cameras. After  providing this Security System the exam system also has been strengthened. 

4. Maintenance of Sports and Games Facilities: 

As stated above the college is providing necessary budget for maintenance of indoor and  outdoor games facilities and our college uses for conducting inter college sports and games  competitions. The participation fee for the students and also their TA, DA is provided by the  college when they are participating in various inter college competitions. Many awards are  won by our students in various competitions held at University level, State level and also in  All India level.

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