Why Companies Recruit from SNIST?

The answer is straight and simple. Corporate firms are inclined to recruit from SNIST for the following reasons:

  • We follow a stringent student selection procedure on the basis of merit.
  • Our world class curriculum is constantly updated to match the industry requirements.
  • Our highly qualified faculty members with doctoral degrees are actively involved in research and journal publications.
  • Our Internship Programmes ensure that every student spends over 7 months working in the industry even before graduation ensuring real life applications of their course.
  • We nurture students in every field of their interest. Soft-skills development is an integral part of classroom experience through presentations and open-ended learning techniques.
  • Students are given further avenues to express themselves and develop skills beyond academics through a variety of extracurricular activities including student managed clubs and events.

The consistent placement record illustrates our commitment towards fulfilling the institution’s mission.

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