Career Development Center

Sreenidhi Institute of Science and Technology having its corporate relations and placements, training department called as Career Development Centre (CDC) which aims to guide students to think in terms of careers where they can excel in their inherent potential. CDC is the bridge between Industry and Academia Interface, builds the Institutional branding, Corporate Networking and aims to fulfil the requirement, strengthen the University/Institutional Corporate Relations and placements. CDC play an important role in institution building and be part of the growing education space in India.

The CDC has been offering a bouquet of services for all students, like individualized career assessment and guidance sessions, stream specific and soft skills training, Services and IT based training, product based training, personal profiling, industry exposure through plant visits, opportunities to engage with potential employers through internship and live industrial projects, higher education abroad etc. Periodically, CDC invites eminent leaders from the industry to interact with the students on contemporary topics to give students a real time industry scenario which enable them to make informed decisions about their careers. 

CDS supports the overall personality development of the students through HR and tech conclaves.   Through various internal training workshops, mentorship programs, skill-development modules, and personality grooming sessions, CDC continuously works to ensure that students are able to shoulder the complex responsibilities of an organization that hires them. These organizations are MNCs, Core Engineering and Manufacturing companies, Start-ups, Think Tanks, consulting companies, Banks and Financial institutions, NGOs, FMCG organizations and Publication houses. Assisting for GRE, GMAT and GATE in a simulated environment.

Throughout the year, senior executives and alumni from a variety of business participate in scheduled informal discussions on industry and career trends. Representatives share practical advice and insights gained from their own backgrounds and experiences. The uniqueness of the training curriculum is that the programme is meticulously planned with a structured and progressive syllabus that facilitates holistic development of the students' personality.

For students who opt for higher education, CDC provides in-house support and counselling sessions helping them pursue higher education in some of the best educational institutions around the world. The CDC hand holds each students ensuring that India’s young dividend is used productively for a total SELF RELIANCE (ATMANIRBHAR).

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