Sreenidhi HUB

Sreenidhi Hub is established as the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development center at Sreenidhi Institute of Science and Technology to nurture the creative spirit and enhance the leadership qualities of our students. The area dedicated to Sreenidhi-Hub is around 5000 Sq.ft which comprises of 10 cubicles as office space for business incubates, Tinkering, Sandbox lab Space, Technology Room, Director and Manager meeting room and training rooms for students. Advisory committee is formed comprising of eminent engineers from industry, scientists from research lab, Senior Bank Manager, Dean and Director from the host institute. The advisory committee is approved by Board of Governors of the institute. With the initiatives Sreenidhi-Hub is paying path to create successful entrepreneur with adequate support at the early stage of businesses to create immense value, and who provide constant access to high quality mentoring, vast networks and inputs on strategy as well as execution to our students.



Ecosystem to spur Idea to Prototype to Product and launch tech-startups to achieve success with global recognition.


 Enabling business incubation by  

  • Creating a culture of innovation by encouraging ideation and IP development
  • Providing entrepreneurship skill development by organizing professional programs and expert mentoring sessions
  • Forging stragertic alliance and planning network building activities to link start-up resources, Incubation centers, investors and promoters






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