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Robotics Club helps in instilling Robotic knowledge among the students irrespective of the branches. It edifies students not just technically, but also empowers them as the future pioneers and neoteric personalities. It conducts weekly sessions, project displays, workshops and seminars guiding students to develop their skills and talent in the field they choose by promoting their working models of various projects and impart managerial skills to the best.

This club is a blend of students from various branches including Computer Science, Electronics and Communication, Mechanical,
Electricals, Information technology etc. The club stands out because of its teamwork, which is the superlative of every skill.

The club promotes students to tread the paths leading to emerging technologies like Internet of things (IoT), Artificial intelligence, aeronautics, voice recognition, image processing, Haptic technology, etc. It finds problems in the society and delivers a solution through innovative robots that recreate the conventional methods on par with the current technology.

Dr. T. Ch. Siva Reddy, Head of Dept. MECH
Dr. P. Narasimha Reddy, Executive Director
Dr. T. Ch. Siva Reddy, Principal
Maitreyee Mukherjee, Group Director Marketing


ROBOVEDA, Sreenidhi’s annual technical fest is one of the biggest highlights of the year where we exhibit our unity and celebrate the beauty of innovation and creativity. This fest is being conducted from 14 years by The Robotics Club - SNIST, which is the highest form of acknowledgement for all technical activities.

ROBOVEDA is one of the most awaited robotics symposium in the nation with the gathering of 8 extravagant technical events and exciting workshops. The journey of hosting one of the finest Technical Fests in India is a challenging yet amazing experience for the club members. For the participants, it is a great platform to showcase their talent and gain a rewarding learning experience.


The ROBOTICS CLUB- SNIST organizes the technical fest called Sreenidhi’s Annual Technical Fest, ROBOVEDA. This is the 14th edition of Roboveda, the most awaited symposium in the nation.

The ROBOTICS CLUB is a platform provided to the students of SNIST to integrate knowledge. ROBOVEDA is a magnificent stage and a golden opportunity to showcase one’s talent.

 It has gone beyond impossibilities to indulge in technical knowledge and to explore various avenues. We believe that the confidence needed to perform on stages comes from sound technical knowledge and competence. The event depicts exhilarating technical events and workshops.

This event gives an unmatched all- round experience by working and learning about various aspects of robots. It paves way to brainstorming in various technologies and provides an amazing experience.

ROBOVEDA is a wonderful ride that brings you to the amalgamation of multiple arenas focusing on diverse domains.


Technical events of ROBOVEDA:

  1. RANAVEERA - It  is a game of style , control , damage , and intense aggression with which the robots pit against each other in deadly action.
  2. PUSHPAK - The glorious drone,  is an awe-inspiring sight to see how the bots fly around effortlessly. The graceful precision in breaking out of the loops with zooming speed is displayed.
  3. GOALAA - It is hard to find a better game to play than soccer. Goalaa is a cooperative event which keeps you mentally engaged.
  4. GATI – A breath-taking event which demonstrates the fact that there are no speed limits on the road to success. It is all about control, accuracy and patience.
  5. LAKSHMANAREKHA – Lakshmanareka is an event to test  a bot's line following ability. The robot has to traverse a path which comes with deviations, distractions and cross paths.
  6. YANTRA- Yantra is the perfect track to test your bot's unbeatable speed and stability. Fast and furious all at once!
  7. SARVAGAAMI- An all terrain bot, Sliding up and down or moving left or right filled with nerve wrecking challenges.
  8. SAMANVAYI- The game of perfect blend between speed and co-ordination. Picking and dropping with a perfect strategy is all you need.


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