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The students studying engineering these days are going through a very delicate phase of teaching learning activity. Earlier, parents used to monitor their wards progress daily at home, students were very obedient and they use to admire their course and goals every now and then. All this has lead to very good and serious learning activity, in spite of having limited good teachers and resources.

Today, though most of the parents are educated, they are busy working in shifts, unable to spare enough time for their wards day to day learning activity. All that they could do is to manage and pay their wards huge fees, internet bill and other expenses. Due to fast moving life, students are unable to catch the pace of teaching, were lot of modern teaching aids are used by their teachers. They are unable to understand the underlying theories of engineering which is the backbone for their confidence in engineering stream. And as their parents are not correcting them at right instance, they are not in a stage to listen to any other person’s suggestions.

I request all the students to understand the various transitions (teaching, laboratory, sports meet, technical fests, annual day, tours/industrial visit, placements activity) they come across every now and then during their semesters, stand up to the current challenges of engineering applications and use their valuable time in right way to become a good engineer useful to the society and industry. And to do so, one of the important aspect is, every student must interact with their teachers daily and clear their doubts and update their vision. Similarly, apart from teaching, it is the duty of the teachers also to track the progress of the students and motivate them regularly.

                                                                                                                                                              Dr. K. Anup Kumar

                                                                                                                                                              Professor, Department of CSE

                                                                                                                                                              SNIST, Hyderabad.


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