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It is no accident that some of the most important occupations in the world include engineers. Our planet was once only a scanty piece of soil with no life. Since then every engineer ensured to endeavor an invention and engraved his name in the history. Today, if these inventions are enumerated, the count can exceed a finite number! No wonder we can glide through vast oceans over the bridges and sail along the ships, penetrate through soil underneath to feel the heat of the deepest crust, hover around in the solar system with pride and pleasure.


                                                                                                                  Prithvi B.V,


Whether it may bea sky-scrapper or an igloo, a knife or a fork, a rocket or a bi-cycle, a smart phone or a palm-top, everything requires engineering. Every minute invention formulated and developed by engineers has a life enhancing impact on millions of people. Well, a design can have critics, both positive and negative. What makes a new product stand out-of-the-box and sustain over a period of time involves its necessity and supersede the existing product. In retrospect, a few inventions are still having an optimistic impact in present day-world. Every engineered outcome is designed to its highest accuracy to meet the current demands. Engineering is not just to uncover the key to the ongoing problems but also to foresee the upcoming ones.                                                                                                             

Speaking about accuracy, which is possible only when all the branches of engineering put together come up with an ideology. The contemporary state of mind of many individuals including engineers is reversed to a misleading path. Most of us deem with a notion that specialization in any one of the branches can make wonders. This holds no good for hierarchical development in engineering technology. Showing fragmentary interest towards a specific engineering arena causes uneconomical developments.


Among all the engineering branches, omission of any single branch could disrupt the man-made evolution. If a firm manufactures steel spoons, it requires a multi-dependent source of engineers. It would require an infrastructure (Civil engineering), basic prototype of the spoon (Mechanical engineering), equipments to materialize the spoon (Instrumentation engineering), circuitry (Electronic engineering), power supply and metal specifications (Electrical engineering). Looking into the basic ideology behind a spoon is a human hand (Biotechnology). As the stock gets stacked, marketing and service of this product requires IT support (which includes Computer science engineering). Similarly an aircraft manufacturing company requires a wide pool of resources such as aeronautical, electrical, electronic, computer, mechanical, civil, instrumentation engineers.


In a broader perspective the integration of every elementary branch of engineering is a rudiment requirement. During ancient times an engineer was known as the fulcrum of our planet.Evidently, how can a rope be rolled over a pulley without a rim which is the fulcrum? Like-wise, every individual branch of engineering should be a blend of every other branch of its kind.

For all the exotic ingenuity that indulges in producing a new invention, consolidating engineering is requisite criteria.


Entrepreneurship - Young Business Tycoons

When we look at the unemployment rate among people on this earth ,1 in 6 of us is unemployed, 4 billion of us live on less than $10 a day. But no wonder that all of us want to go ahead in life somehow and most of us have our own ideas to implement and if you are one among them you will have four options to choose 1. Seek for help  2. Expect government support  3.get a job  4.start something by And if one's option is 4 then he can adopt a policy to be his own boss (i.e.,) he can consider himself to be an entrepreneur, perhaps at a point of time he could even be an intrapreneur too. 


What I strongly believe is, it is destiny which chooses you to be an entrepreneur and not that because you want to be an entrepreneur. The purpose of entrepreneurship might vary from person to person, but the ultimate goal to be successful Hunched with bliss of benchmarked big picture, one can arise a doubt whether he is capable to meet the demands or not. Entrepreneurship is a combination of multiple vital ingredients without which it’s value and essentiality is negligible. The prior foot step one has to put forth is to believe that he can and he is half way through the game. One can this way overcome the fear of failure.According to the survey, 20 years ago was the best time to sow a seed of entrepreneurship and the next Some of the elements required for a successful entrepreneur is viability towards economic, socio cultural, technical and raw material feasibility. These are the additional factors to the fundamental ideology and In my point of view, the equation to become a successful entrepreneur is             

 Desire  +  Will Power  +   Capability  =  Entrepreneur





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